Amish Tours

Reservations required for all Amish activities

Horsing Around

The variety of events and attractions make the Old Stone House an ideal destination.  Our goal is to have you experience authentic Amish life.  There will be opportunities to interact personally with the Amish as we meet them at home and work.  Depending upon availability, the tour includes a two-room school house, organic farm market, housewares store featuring non-electric household items, fabric store, bakery, jam and jelly business, harness shop, bakery and book store.

We will take backroads to give you a glimpse of an Amish cemetery, Amish homes, the “Doty” house, pulley clothes lines, children at play, farmers in the field, buggies coming and going, beautiful scenery perhaps Amish go-cart races and Amish reunions!

Tour Price and Schedules

Tour: $125/Two hours of Amish culture tour
Tour: $150/Three hours of Amish culture tour


9:00 AM through 12:00 thereafter optional lunch
2:00 PM through 5:00 thereafter optional supper

Amish “Wedding” Dinner in Private Amish Home

Take your tour and thereafter plan to dine in an Amish home experiencing the food and table placement at Amish weddings.

$20/per person

Amish Buggy Rides

Add a buggy ride to your itinerary! Alone or in combination with tour and/or Amish Wedding Dinner.
Reservations required for all Amish activities

Enjoy Summer Friday nights Amish School Auctions/Saturday Horse Sales/Machinery Auctions/Mespo Expo events.